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Andrew Wilson: A Different Kind of Evil, featuring Agatha Christie as detective for the British Secret Intelligence Service

Andrew Wilson is the highly acclaimed author of biographies of Patricia Highsmith, Sylvia Plath and Alexander McQueen. His first novel, The Lying Tongue, was published in 2007. His journalism has appeared in Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Observer, Sunday Times, Daily Mail and Washington Post.

In this event, he presents A Different Kind of Evil, the next instalment in the thrilling series of novels featuring Agatha Christie, based on the real life events in her lifetime. In January 1927 – and still recovering from the harrowing circumstances surrounding her disappearance a month earlier – Agatha Christie is sent to the Canary Islands by the British Secret Intelligence Service to investigate the death of one of its agents, whose partly mummified body has been found in a cave. Agatha uncovers a series of dark secrets that link the agent’s death to the suicide of a mentally unstable heiress. The famous writer must use her novelist’s talent for plotting to outwit an enemy who possesses a very different kind of evil.