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Charity Lunch with actor and author Maureen Lipman

The inimitable Maureen Lipman will be talking about her career, inspirations and her new book.

It’s a Jungle Out There by Maureen Lipman £12.99

its a jungle

Have you ever wondered what the wizarding world might look like if it were graced with a character like Harry Otter? Or what American politics would be under the administration of Squirrelly Clinton? Maureen Lipman has. Inspired by her doodle of Oscar Wildebeest - a steer in a dinner jacket - the renowned author and actress began dabbling in the dark art of the unholy celebrity/animal mashup. When she woke at 3 a.m. and said out loud, 'Tuna Stubbs!’ the die was cast. A book was born. Sharp, funny and endlessly inventive, lt's a Jungle Out There presents a dizzying array of stars as you've - really - never seen them before. Featuring such luminaries as Leonaardvark DiCaprio, Giraffa Nadal and Ellafantz Gerald, this otterly brilliant collection is guaranteed to quack you up.