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Juliet Barker

It’s 200 years since the author of Jane Eyre was born. Bronte biographer and historian Juliet Barker will host a tea party and give a lecture. Juliet will draw on her book ‘The Brontes - A Life in Letters’ as part of her talk.

Juliet Barker says: 
One of the reasons I became a biographer is that other peoples’ lives are much more interesting than my own! Though it’s often thought that the life of a writer must be glamorous and exciting, for most of the time it is just slogging away: researching, reading, writing and rewriting. I usually spend at least three years on each of my major books (though The Brontës took five) and I divide my time into two years researching and one year writing. Apart from writing the occasional article or review and contributing to radio and television programmes, all my effort goes into my books.