For the second year running, Sun Sea & Books invites you to enter its Poetry Competition to WIN book token prizes.

This year we invite children aged 7 to 17, and adults to take part and write a poem inspired by the sea. Be imaginative: it doesn't have to be the seaside at Sidmouth, it could be set on any sea in the world, whether a warm calm, sea off the Caribbean or the rough waters of the Atlantic or the North Sea.

The first three winners will be chosen by poets Mantie Lister, former Bard of Exeter and Sarah Acton, who is Jurassic poet-in-residence.

Entry forms are available from Paragon Books, Sidmouth Library, Winstone's and in schools. Or click here for an online version

The closing date for entries is June 2nd. Entries can be returned to Sidmouth Library or to Please include your name, address and phone number (and age if under 18).

Adult winners: 1st Janet Beadsal for In Memory of a Surfer, 2nd Miriam Brown with Of the Incoming Tide, joint 3rd Philip Smith with Beachcombing and Janet Dowling with Pennington Point

Children's winners: 1st Kitty Prince, 12, 2nd Ellie Puddicombe, 10 and 3rd Tia Bowman, seven.